As a supplier of chemical automation solutions, we have many employees with a chemical background. The Application Laboratory and the Process Laboratory are the most important Chemistry departments that have a wealth of experience in this field. Are you a champion in Chemistry? This does not mean that you have to work in our laboratory. Because, for example, our Product Managers, Sales Support Employees, Service Engineers and Quality colleagues also often have a chemical background. So, plenty of opportunities!


    As a machine builder, we construct about 600 new analyzers on an annual basis that we supply to our international customer base. Our technicians from the R & D department, Assembly, QC, Helpdesk and Technical Department work closely together to deliver a high-quality product. Together we ensure that our equipment continues to function optimally for many years. Do you just keep on going till you find a solution or can you design well? Is your skill in detecting and remedying technical problems, do you like to advise customers? Or does your strength lie in several technical fields? Relax, at Skalar you can put it all into practice. Colleagues to discuss with are plentiful, think of the fields: Electronics, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering.


    To control our analysis equipment, software is needed to carry out the complex chemical analyses properly. Our software team consists of developers, designers, testers and application specialists and specialists in the field of embedded software. Together with our external partners in India, we provide a reliable software solution for every chemical analytical measurement done by our equipment. What could be more fun than seeing your software specialty directly in the form of a tangible product? Your colleagues will work directly with your creations and come back to you immediately to help perfect your product. As a Software specialist you have to deal with disciplines outside of Software on a daily basis and this will broaden your scope.


    Our goal is to optimally serve the customer internally and externally. Skalar has all disciplines under its own management. From HRM to Purchasing and from Sales to Support. Each link provides its own unique contribution to our process. We are always looking for talent, if you are outstanding in something, let us know!

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